Someone Might Get Mad

I thought that Terry was relieved from his cough when he was still in the U.S. but to our surprise his cough went back when he was here.

We plan to get an appointment for the doctor but the offices and clinic at that time was not open because of the holiday. So I thought to buy him medicines that my sister recommended to but after two hours or three or an hour he would cough so hard again.

A friend told him way back in his place that his cough may would get back so it’s better to cancel the trip going here but he thought of someone who might get mad if he would do that. Terry is a guy who could not afford to disappoint or hurt me but there were some circumstances unavoidable and he doesn’t mean it. I felt guilty though because when he postponed the trip from March because of his bronchitis, I was so disappointed and argued with him.

2 Responses to “Someone Might Get Mad”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Hala nakonsensya ang lola hahaha.. WAwa naman si terry… Hopefully, he’s better now..

  2. anne says:

    He will have an appointment for the doctor on friday hopefully his cough will go away for good