C-Section Babies Needs TLC

I delivered Faith through Caesarian process for her cord was wrapped along her neck so whenever I push, her hear beat becoming so slow. When my doctor decided to have a C-section I was having doubts because aside from it is too costly, kids who undergone C-section can easily catch allergies and illness.

There is a latest studies that the way babies are brought into the world plays a crucial role on the development of their immune systems. Babies who delivered through normal process get in contact with the mother’s good bacteria as the baby descends the vaginal canal. These friendly bacteria grow and multiply in the baby’s gut, which is the largest organ of his immune system. The more good bacteria an infant has in his gut, the earlier his immune system can be stimulated and trained to be strong.

While C-section does not pass through the birth canal, their sterile birth conditions deprive them of those friendly bacteria that would awaken a strong immune response early in life. Thus, they are prone to infections and allergies and that may include gastrointestinal as well as respiratory diseases.

And the best way to keep the infections aback is to encourage breastfeeding because it has important nutrients for the growth and development of the baby. Breast milk has antibodies that help protect the baby from developing infections. It also provides friendly organisms like Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli. These are probiotics the baby needs in his gut to develop a strong immune response.

So when circumstances arise that you need to have C-section, always remember that C-section babies needs a thorough Tender Loving Care and breastfeeding is the best way to nourish and protect your baby.

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  1. I delivered both of of my kids thru C-Section but they’re not that sickly. As long as you breast fed them, that’s the most important immune sytem they need to fight sicknesses..

    My daughter was the same case as Faith’s.

  2. Na ako mommy Anne B kay I had a C-section too and my milk came in late. Baby HF had gotten used to bottle feed that is why he didn’t want to take it. We tried several times pagpatotoy nya, wala jud sya. So far, thank God he is healthy, strong and very active. Porya buyag ako ang maluya! hehehe.. Thanks for the article!

  3. My big boy was a C-section delivery too. Everytime he would see my abdomen cut, he would throw a lot of questions and most of the time, he would just kiss it. WHat a sweet boy indeed. I only notice that he is quite sensitive.

    gasto bya ang C – section, ang parents man ang magkasakit.hahahahh!

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