Whoop! Whoop!

It is early this morning that I felt the heavy breathing again while coughing a bit hard too. Faith moves a little while trying to get the empty feeding bottle beside her; I took it because it might cause her stomachache sucking the bottle without milk in it. She cried when I did that, so I carried her and we went to the kitchen to prepare her another bottle of milk.

She was lying in my shoulder, good thing my cough did not bother her. Right after I was done preparing with her milk I lay her down back to the bed and gave her the bottle again. She went back to sleep while I was striving so hard with my hard cough.

I went to the living room trying to feel at ease and to close my eyes but I was not successful, I was still having a hard time to breathe, then I called my sister to spare me some of Kuya Jame’s asthma medicines. It helps me though because I was able to breath and went back to sleep.

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