If There’s Night Out…

Then there is absolutely night in, girls night in perhaps. Anyway I just read this article in a magazine in how to make original cocktail drinks. If you are stress and wanted to relax without spending much in buying wines or drinks then you might want to try this.

Blushing Mestiza
3/4 cup champagne or white wine
2 dashes rose syrup
1/2 cup soda water
orange or lemon rings

Pour soda in a wine goblet with crushed ice. Add wine and a dash ot two of rose syrup. Garnish with orange or lemon rings.

Source: Raul H Ramos Working Mom Magazine

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  1. Bitaw te noh! Ngano Night Out man lang! Hehehehe!

    Mag night out mi karong Saturday night with Lainy, Rosilie, Star and Twinks 🙂

    watch kmi SMB swimwear model search !

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