Welcome Home Analee!

We had been chatting she would be back on March or April, we even joked at each other to tell Terry to stay until she and her husband would arrive so we could introduce our beloved man to each other. But it didn’t happen though because Terry has to go back very soon so he could go back here on our wedding.

Since I got back from our little vacation, I never heard of her. I saw her viewing my pictures in multiply and that’s it! No hi and hello which is unusual. The only thing why I know she was here was because I dreamed of her just last night. I was right though because she message me in YM that they are finally here in Davao, she gave me a number to call and right away I dialed the number she gave me.

We are planning to see each other soon! I miss this girl so much, I miss the going to church together and the chitchats that we once had. To Analee: Welcome home girl!


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