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We do our best to protect our kids from getting sick, we protect them from any harmful environment and we always see to it that he is safe. But what if we are the conveyor of a very certain disease that in our thought, is impossible they would caught that disease from us. Have you ever heard of one taking a vaccine shot to protect his kid from an infectious disease. Are you willing to do such?

First thing first, let me tell you what is this certain disease that may harm us and our kids. It is called Pertussis. Now what is pertussis? Pertussis as commonly known as whooping cough is not only a childhood disease but affects teens and adults as well. Even among those who were vaccinated against pertussis as a child, immunity wanes five to ten years after vaccination, such that upon reaching adolescense and adulthood, these individuals are once again susceptible to the disease. And because pertussis is hight infectious infected teens and adults can transmit the infection to others, including babies.

And it would cause so much damage to those infected babies because the bacteria that causes pertussis is scattered in the air after an infected person coughs or sneezes. Once inhaled by babies it lodges itself on the surface lining of the respiratory tract and produces toxins and secretions that cause inflammation and blockage of the airway. Hence, the children or infants have smaller airways than older persons, the consequences of airway compromise can really be devastating.

To prevent the transmission, currently there is an available pertussis vaccine formulation, known as the Tdap vaccine, designed for teens and adults. Ask your doctor about the adolescent and adult pertussis vaccine.

Source: Working Mom Magazine March Edition

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  1. This is the first time I heard about this vaccine.. it is indeed imperative that most of us take this type of vaccine for precaution.

    Thanks for the info Mommy.

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