Tenament 2

Do you believe that other than us there are some creature we cannot see living with us? The brother of my father before always tell us about this creature way back when I was still living with them, he always tell us story about his cousin who has been said, was invited to the palace of the other world.

Just recently, I watched a movie entitled T2, it tells the story of Claire (Maricel), a social worker who is very fond of children.She then meets Angeli (Mica Dela Cruz), a young girl who claims that she will be taken by the engkanto.Claire dismisses the story as mere child’s play, but her belief in the supernatural is tested when she begins to experience unexplainable and chilling phenomena.Do engkantos really wander around us?

There were things around that are unexplainable but in today’s high tech world, do they really exist? Well, if you happen to pass by in a place where you could see unexplainable things like a boat in the river or a plane landed in a rice field and suddenly you heard the chilling sound of psst psst psst, then maybe…


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