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My Blog Is Invisible?

When I reserved one opportunity from triple P, I wrote a post about the ad immediately but when I submitted my entry I received three errors containing I should select a blog, the URL must match the blog I submitted and the blog must not be blank.

When I checked my blog from the drop down menu it is not there anymore, it is blank, invisible and that caused me the errors when I tried to submit my entry. I thought it is only on that certain OPP but to my surprised my blog was also not visible when I successfully reserved an OPP.

Is the PPP under maintenance today? Do you also experience the same thing like I do? Please help!



    i did experience somthing like that ann but sa social spark lng..I successfully reserved the opps and nag sulat na intawon ko but when i submited it wlay blog nku mo appear.
    they explain nga na puno na daw ang opps adto. I think the same thing happened to you..i dont for sure,lol..

  • chubskulit

    dami nating biktima sa ganito, i experienced the same the other day… Kaya ngayon lagi na akong pasiguro, check ko muna kung talagang available sakin..

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