Goodnight Message

Good Night Everyone!

Oh well since I could no longer retrieved the OPP I lost this morning whatever things I would do just to open that ad I might go to bed as well., It is already 12:45 a.m. here to be exact so obviously I am so droopy already. I have not noticed the time because I can still hear the T.V. from the living room; it is my niece Mariel who usually watched some programs in TV late.

I am still thankful I must say, even though she needs to get to bed at this hour because I have someone with me in this creepy and oh so silent night. Ewwww!!! That reminds me of the movie I watched earlier right after I withdraw some money to lend it to Sister Merlyn.

I am glad they extend the movie because I was really so curious how scary it is, at least I could prove to it that it is somehow thrilling but not that scary. Though the over all rating in my own point of view would be four and 1/2 stars lol. Anyway have a good night sleep everyone and don’t listen to the pssst pssst pssst from the outside of your window. Hehehe

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