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General Renovation

Our extended kitchen was not properly built because after few months the water from the gutter runs through the wall when it rains. The sink was not properly installed because the water also runs through the grout and it flows right through inside our kitchen cabinet.

Our kitchen needs general renovation, not to mention that the wall connected to the living room must be pull down so our kitchen will have more space. I also want to replace our old sink too because I think it will collapse sooner than expected, it is already damage as it is already rusty. I might put a new stainless steel sinks that had unique design that would represent the theme of my new kitchen. And since we had a single bowl type of sink now I may want the same thing too. In that way the installer don’t need to widen the size of the hole.

I actually had so many plans in my mind, but in today’s crisis I must also consider other things such as tuition fees, electric bills, insurance bills, and mostly our upcoming wedding. I should start saving and budget my money now so I could have a new constructed kitchen by this year.

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