I Miss My Man

Time flies so fast, it was seemingly like yesterday that Terry was here beside us, spending his time with us but it seems like in an instance, he have to go back at his place and us here.

That moment I send him at the airport I seem won’t like to let him go, not just yet. Good thing that the porter informed he can still go out when I asked him if he could still go back after he checked in his baggage.

After a while of waiting him outside, he went out again to spend the last remaining time with me. We bought some drinks in the nearby store and talked about things, I tried not to cry, he would be back soon anyway but even so the weariness I felt still shows. We called the kids back home and Terry was able to talk with Mj, telling her to be good to Mom and Faith as well. Faith did not respond when she was on the phone but Sister Irenie told me that she was so happy hearing his voice once again.

At eight p.m. the time to say take care we did not say goodbye because we only separated by distance and he would be back in no time. I just have to get so busy here so I will not notice the time. But even so, obviously I miss him terribly!

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