State Of Emergency In Sulu

The bandits’ strike again for kidnapping the three workers of The International Committee of the Red Cross how many months ago, now the place is in state of emergency after the deadline set by the bandits for withdrawal of the troops lapsed at two p.m.

The military groups are ready anytime when the bandits would do any harmful action to any of the three. Tan said they are hitting below the belt and said their demand seems impossible to meet.

I hope this chaos would ceased soon, the three workers were just helping in their area in the first place and there’s no reason or any of what they fight could justify if they would kill them. I wish that they would be enlighten that freeing them would be the best move they would do for these people are far beyond their enemy.

On the lighter note, my family is so thankful that Hanah was not taken when she was lost the other day. She is safe at home now.

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  1. I just don’t get it, the civilian are suffering sa war ng government at ng mga bandits na ito..Hindi sila nakakatuwa! kawawa naman yung mga nadadamay! hay naku!

  2. again? kaya ayaw ko na makinig ng news ng PI..its always bad news =( so sad for them, i could imagine how worried their families are.

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