It’s Getting Hot In Here

Baby Faith and me would be out soon to buy her milk; sister Merlyn will not be here because her daughter’s graduation would be today. Plus, the sister of her husband would be coming from Cebu thus they would be very busy now preparing themselves for the big event.

But how could we go out with weather like this? It is so freaking hot outside that if we will not bring any umbrella with us, sure enough we would get burn. How I wish we could move from here to Arizona in an instant where we could enjoy the coldness of the weather and if we could do that we certainly going to choose a realtor that could satisfy our needs and our safety would be their first priority.

Arizona relocation would be my bet for us to look for a place where we could live life to the fullest, that is my friend told me once when we chatted here inYM. How I wish to do that as quicker than I thought.

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