Swimming Lesson

I just thought to enroll only Mj to swimming lesson this summer, Grace has convinced me to join too but I was hesitant for some reason. But when we went to the location of the pool while talking to the instructor I thought to give it a try.

Grace would be joining too and her daughter Nicole, so we are expecting that this swimming lesson would be fun. I hope to follow and learn the basic of it; this is a one-month session with eight meetings to cope up. So I am looking forward that right after completing the whole stuff, I should at least how to move my arms to go forward at the other edge.

On the other note, I have bought a swim short for the swimming lesson, yes a short and not a new bathing suit or a two-piece. [Hahaha! I could not even wear a real bathing suit with a tanga type one]. I thought to only buy a very cheap swim short than to spend 1,000 bucks for a new bathing suit. I guess it is better that way besides the swimming lesson would only run for one month.

The very cheap swim short

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