The Package Finally Arrived

I supposed to go out early today so to inquire and make a reservation for affordable hotels but I was not able to do that because the package from my sister Lilian in Singapore. We thought we could no longer receive it since she sent the package three months ago. We have heard so many complaints here that they were not able to receive their package in time from their love ones abroad and the worst they never received it, we were so worried that we would experience the same annoyance and disappointments. Though my sister in Singapore trusted the cargo forwarder because the in charge is her friend and she promised us to get the package in time.

When I was preparing myself to go out, I received a text message asking our complete address so they could deliver the package right away. I excitedly told my sister Irenie about it while I replied their message immediately.

Everyone were so enthralled and was waiting patiently for the package to be on hand and when it came, we can’t help to get so busy like bees looking for honey in a garden. We were so busy that we did not notice Faith in the floor stumbling down because we were grabbing the same blouse or wanted the same apparel.

My sister asked me to take a picture with the package but I did not mind it at all because if I did that, I can’t get anything that I like. Now each one of us was able to get the things that we like and settled the things over the same clothes. I grab enough and Mj has her own new Barbie doll while Faith got a stuff toy and I was able to reserved I guess two or three Polo for Terry as well.

Anyway, I hope we could talk to sister Lilian to tell her that we already received the package it’s been a month that she was not online or call us through phone. She called one time but Sister Irenie missed the call.

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