Ozone And Cancer : Hand And Glove Fit

I am sure all of us are afraid to get caught by this prestigious desease called Cancer, my aunt before got this and sadly was not able to cope up though they undergo her with chemotherapy and cobalt. They said the caused of any kind of cancer is our life style, apparently it is from the food we eat.

I thought before it would only hit rich people but this time even in lower class family, they have this. My sister Merlyn handed me an article about the causes of it.

As once said in a Canadian lecture: Doctor Otto Warburg is a two-time Nobel Prize winner, in 1931 and 1944 (Hitler kept him from accepting). He got the Nobel Price for discovering that the cause of cancer is no longer a mystery to us. We now know what the cause of cancer is. They were so astounded that he figured this out they awarded him the Nobel Prize for discovering these facts. Remember, because you do not have enough oxygen, your cells are constantly filling up with toxicity in some people quicker than in others. The little cell gets covered with garbage, and washed in toxic fluids constantly because dirty fluids surround it.

The garbage piles up until it deny the cell 60 percent or more of its oxygen requirement. This is the root cause of cancer. Picture pouring black paint on an orange this cell needs oxygen. Hold your breath, and when you feel short an oxygen, breath. All your cells need oxygen, that bad all the time. If you cover up the cell with garbage, you block the oxygen from getting into the cell. If your cover it with enough toxicity, so much that 60 percent of the oxygen it needs constantly is not there, then that cell will be so short of breath its respiratory mechanism will be damaged.

In other words, if the oxygen’s not there and the cells are trying to breathe, it will become so damaged that it can’t breathe anymore. And when the cell can’t breathe because of the damaged respiratory mechanism, it mutates to survive. The poor cell drops 31 steps, down to the level of a green plant-type cell that just grows and grows. The cell has lost all its higher functions: it no longer heals or regulates things; it no longer makes hormones, and it no longer digest your food. Whatever part of the body this mutating cell is in its dropped down to the level of a plant-type cell that just grows and grown and grows. CANCER.

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