I Will Go Out Early!

Yup, we will go out early today, I woke up Mariel and Mj to prepare things, Mariel is already chopping the meat for Adobo I am starving we have to eat breakfast before we go.

I supposed to log in early but I have to bathe Faith first and play with her outside until Sister Merlyn came to replace me, it is just so good to feel to have someone who would help taking good care of the kids. I know some of you are not lucky as I am to have anyone around so I am just so thankful that I have sisters not yaya to help me look after Faith.

Anyway, since my appointment is before 11:00 a.m. I need to get going so the transaction I made yesterday will not be cancelled. I hope there would be no black out in the city this time, or else we will get stuck. Aarrrgghsss!

So guys please forgive me if I can’t make a peep on your page now and can’t drop EC. You know I like to visit your page but the time just don’t let me so.

Good morning to all of you!

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