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Have you watched the movie entitled Happening? I don’t know if it was advertised on TV because I have not watched the trailer since then, I just knew it now when my sister Irenie bought a CD for it.

They watched it the other night and Sister Irenie felt like she can’t breathe anymore afterwards. Her husband told her to drink water before she goes to sleep. On the next day we heard our neighbor got suicide right after he accidentally shoot his wife, both died. The worst is they left a 10-year-old daughter.

Sister claimed that the one she watched the other night is somewhat connected to the news on the next day. Because the movie was about surviving away from the wind or else they will die. You see they are trying to live even it is difficult for them to see the direction of the wind and here is one guy trying to kill himself.

Anyway, as I was so intrigued what my Sister has been said I turn the player on and watched it all along.

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