Being Healthy Is Wealthy

I have another appointment with my Dentist again today, it supposed to be yesterday but since my laziness strikes again and I was also hitting those balls in Zuma from dawn to yesterday morning I wasn’t able to go out to meet my doctor. Well, I went out but to only buy Faith’s milk since she is out of stock again.

She said she would close the root canal today and we will have another tooth filling to do with my molar, Aaarggghss I just don’t like the idea being drilled like that but as Terry said he also sometimes afraid to go to the doctor but he is doing it because it is important for your health.

Like my Dad I am also scared to go to any Doctor for check up, I am scared if they find something wrong in me well except those times I was still pregnant with Faith, of course Faith needs extra care so she would be healthy when she comes out, but when me alone going there for any check up. God! I am already trembling.

But being healthy is wealthy so maybe I have to live with that so I could have a long life with my kids.

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