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I am not sure where to start though; I wish I could deliver well my passion to blogging through this writing competition. I heard blogging stuff from the very first friend I have met online, it was Anne from My Virtual Journal who introduced me to blogging but at that time yet, since I was hooked up with my being a call center agent, I was not that so attentive when she told me that she earned enough from blogging. Hence, I started to browse about it and and followed Anne’s footprints and life in America together with her husband and read all the things she has been busy with, her passion to build a perfect family and her endeavor in day to day life. Until I thought to start with having my own journal here in blogosphere and that was after I deliver Faith during my maternity leave.

I actually wrote a post for Anne entitled Who Introduced You To Blogging sometimes last year, I never saw her or talked to her in person but this girl never ceased to make friends with everyone and I am one lucky person indeed to have met a friend like her.

My journal contains my rantings, ventures and my two kids, it was only a simple journal where I could bent all the things in my mind, I had no plans yet to monetize it since I was still busy with other things here at home, plus my eagerness to go back in the call floor to work was in my mind yet. It was then my first night at work when I almost cried right after I step out from our doorsteps, I already miss my little Faith and while the days run into weeks, I seemed like I have to drag myself to go out and have to deafen my ear so not to hear Faith’s cry until I give up I decided to stop working and try to earn a little something from blogging.

My first template was a two column lay out and with the courtesy of Kirsti of The Realms of CampJK she taught me how to edit to make it a three column lay out, it was so amazing because I was able to learn from it overnight, then Mommy Gen of Wonderful Things in Life offer me a nice header with me and Terry’s picture. Then there was a scroll bar for labels and bloglist from Mabel and the rest was history.

From the first three months of not working was not that easy as I wanted to earn and pay my dues from my own pocket but with the blogging I was able to pay some of my bills from it. Though Terry contributed the most with our expenses here at home, I just feel so delighted that even though I don’t have work at all, I still able to contribute even a little.

My friends from the call floor Selina and Grace were one of those friends, I was able to convinced to try blogging and earn a little and just recently were my best pal Jessienie and Clarinda. I have never meet in person to those friends I meet here in blogging well except the four friends I mention above. But even so I always thankful that I belong with this sphere because I was not only enjoying myself to write but I also enjoy those treasured friends I met here.

I bet most of you, knows already that Lainy’s Musings is having a blogversary writing competition and for that I am inviting you all to join in this unique and amazing kind of contest. Just visit her page for the mechanics.

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  • Scotty's Princess

    WOW! This was quick, Anne! Everything were in place… Thanks for the effort! I truly appreciate it!

    Just for the record, kindly place at the comment box the email address used for subscription to my blog and email address you want the eBooks sent to you, that is, if it’s different from subscription email add. After doing that, please give me a heads up to confirm your submission…

    Thank you and Goodluck!

  • anne

    hehehe yan ang nagagawa ng walang tulog lol anyway I already place my email add in your comment box thanks scotty’s princess

  • Twerlyn

    sos Anne hapit na jud ta nagkita sa Manila kung wala nag sakit c Terry. Staring unta ko dre sa post nimo hehe!

    Anne, d nako pa Gensan kay daghan bomba didto, joke! Taga asa d-i ka?abi ko Cebu?

  • ""rare*jonRez""

    hi there!

    it’s my first time here and glad to have read your blog to the world, blog for you and me entry. great entry and good luck!

    you might want to stop by mine! i joined, too! 🙂

  • Star-chuu

    Hi Anne, congrats and good luck. I am too lucky to become part of this competition. I believe that blogging is a path to create a good relationship to all bloggers. God bless and more power.

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