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Go To Sleep Mom

Faith woke up just when DJTammy of Anything Under The Sun buzzed me in YM. Faith has always been in the right time, she pooed just when I chat with Terry or wanted me to play with her just when I open my computer.

So tonight I have to bring her to the computer while chatting with Tammy online until she looks so droopy already. I don’t have any choice though I was having fun talking to a new friend I’ve met here in blogosphere, I have to prepare her milk so I could put her to sleep.

And you know what? She did not sleep, she was just there in the crib playing. I already swing her around or sang with her and yes she would close her eyes but the moment I put her down she will open her eyes again and would try to make a peek a boo. It was hopeless to put her to sleep while she’s still so active so I lay down in our bed and put her beside me, I gave her the feeding bottle and I fell asleep!

When I open my eyes just an hour ago, I saw her sleeping so sound beside me and because I have left my computer open before I went to our bedroom, I have to get up and finish what I was doing awhile back.

What happen earlier was like you sleep now Mom and I will too. Phew! Smarty kulit baby.


  • Sriram

    Hi friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog work.. keep it up..
    will drop by your site often.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments..
    Have a great day.. Cheers!!!

  • djtammy

    Hahaha! Chatting, fixing my layout and watching Faith :)) 3 in 1 task! Multi Tasking pla te Anne :))

    Thanks for fixing my scroll bar and added some chuva :))

    Thanks for the conversation last night 🙂


    multitasking gyud pirmi ang mommy.Hahahhah! We are always overworked but underpaid!waaaaaaaah! sarap sa ranchero’s anne. You won’t regret it. unta nagkita ta didto with tammy.hehehheh. next time then.

  • anne

    Hi rosilie, lagi saon man sad nabusy man ko atong panahona, pero I swear itaga sa bato pangitaon jud ko nang restaurant hehehe

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