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After I Took A Nap

When I called Cheryl this morning, her eldest sister informed me that the outing might not pursue due to some issues, I told them I would still like to come in the afternoon and bring Nanay a birthday cake.

So I took a nap this morning and when I woke up at 12:00 nn I asked Mj and Mariel to get ready because we would be going out with Faith anytime soon to go at Cheryl’s house. While we are preparing Cheryl called me up and told me they are on their way to Malagos and they will just picked us up where the jeepney stop situated near the subdivision.

So we have to hurry preparing our stuff so we could meet them on time, Faith was so excited and was even singing aahhh aahh in the tricycle. When she saw Cheryl meeting us up, she smiles her and Ate Gina so wide. When we arrived at Malagos, while Mj was wondering around with friends, Faith was also busy walking and doesn’t want me to hold her, she seems not tired at all because when we also went to Crocodile Park after the Malagos she was not fussy and squirming, it was just she doesn’t like to be carried nor to hold her. I guess she wanted to explore things herself that’s why she sleep so sound right now.

Anyway I’ll show the pictures soon.


  • djtammy

    Yay birthday. Another year to celebrate life 🙂

    Another tips about babies 🙂 Ate Anne, im really learning from u.
    When KZ reach the age of Faith i dont have to worry na ngano dili sya pagunit…:))

  • anne

    Hi Djtammy hehehe sipat kau ni si faith girl grabeeee hehehe naa pud uban bata nga behave like mahinhin or something 🙂

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