Good Thing Phone Number Is Available In Google

I was so excited finally, I can fit the new blouse I bought from the mall, but alas I can’t find it. I roamed around the house but I just couldn’t find that plastic bag where my new blouse was put into. After a thorough check of all my belongings I realized I left it at the counter when I paid some of the things I shopped for my kids.

Our house is too far away from that mall, and I can’t go back at all. Aside as I was so tired driving around; it is already night and probably 1 hour from now the mall is already closed. I searched their phone number in the Internet, good thing they register their phone number in Google. I called the customer service right away, and thank GOD the blouse that I left in the counter was just endorsed and it is ready for me to pick it up tomorrow. You see if they did not register their phone number over the Internet, I can’t call them right away and ask for it.

On the other hand, my eldest daughter is looking for some accessories for her guitar. She was strumming her guitar last night with us in the bedroom but she stopped for a while thinking of that accessories that can make the sounds of her guitar more impressive, I told her to look for it online or find musicians friend phone number so her Dad can call them in the US to ask if they have this particular accessories for her guitar. She searched for it right away and gave me the phone number, this morning I asked my husband to call them for that accessory. Since it is already late at night, he promised to call them tomorrow.


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Show Off Your OOTD In A Different Background

You might notice some posts in Instagram, some girls tend to show off their outfit for the day and you might also notice the same white background. If you are meticulously showing off your well-crafted outfit, try to pose it in a different background or in a different location. Of course, you want to be distinct from others right, I mean come on who would love to pose with the same white dull background, I am sure that you are already get bored looking at the same monotonous posts. Have you noticed that even how fashionable your outfit is, nobody give their attention to it because sometimes your OOTD is not enough to caught attraction to the people who are looking at it. They just merely look but within seconds, they will just go to the other picture without even them saying “Her OOTD looks great on her”.

So it is time to explore, get out from that white-walled box and look around, look for something different. What you wear can caught attention but sometimes where it’s worn can caught more attention, more impression, it will make you unique too. So instead of posing in the same white background, try an abandoned building, parking lots and the like. Experiment yourself to a jarring structure, because blank space is just too plain and often too boring and most often than not it will drag your OOTD not even to be noticed.


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That Could Interest An Active, Musically Inclined

Our youngest daughter is very active.  We want to find something that will focus all her extra energy into something constructive.  She loves music, especially singing and her sister’s guitar playing.  We were thinking of using musicians friend phone number to see what they have they may interest an active, musically inclined 8 year old.

Our daughter has already started on the violin but it does not seem to hold her interest.  We think that something she can learn a bit more easily would hold her interest.  One of the toys she loved as a toddler was a toy piano.  Maybe a beginner electronic keyboard would be a good way for her to start.  Any suggestions?

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Upgrade Your Work Wear Wardrobe


Monday is the start of our workweek so you have to set your mood high by wearing classic pantsuit. You can match it with fresher spin light fabrics. Even though it is rainy season already, there are times still that the weather can get too humid that we need to have a fresh look. You can weigh this outfit pairing it with navy, white, and black shade. Show off the lady boss in you even though you are not, you can still pull it off with a black or brown color loafers.


Flaunt your style in the boardroom by wearing the right fashion. Clothes with style and in bold hues can make you stand out. I am telling you even your presentation is not that impressive when you have the correct work wear, a little confident with your demonstration and a piece of your intelligent as you impressed your bosses by your presentation will make them applaud and before you know it you will get the opportunity. Remember just the right mixing is the key and you can get away with almost anything. Explore and while exploring your clothes, have fun. Let out or drift off from the usual color you are wearing every day, think of the unexpected one. Like pastel on pastel, neutral on neon so on and so forth and don’t forget to wear with black or dark wedges.


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