Chris Brown’s On-Again, Off-Again Girlfriend Karrueche is in His Newest Music Video

If you’re interested in entertainment news, then you’ve likely heard about the love triangle of Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Karrueche Tran. Brown and Tran have been on-again, off-again for several months and their latest romantic status always seems to make the headlines. The newest update is that Tran is starring in Brown’s music video for “Autumn Leaves.” For entertainment-lovers, this is the perfect time to see the real-life couple in action… are they acting or aren’t they? You decide.

The single “Autumn Leaves” is off of Brown’s 2014 album “X.” Brown’s real-life leading lady is also his leading lady in the music video, which may leave some fans scratching their heads – are they dating again? Either way, the video has a cool samurai-meets-”Star Wars” theme. Brown’s samurai warrior has fallen in love with Tran’s character (who happens to be wearing Princess Leia-esque buns). Though the two characters don’t interact much throughout the video, they do wind up coming together in the end. As of now, it’s unclear if the music video is about Brown’s actual up and down relationship with Tran, but the lyrics seem to signify that it is.

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Philippines Made It To The Top 15

Miss Universe is live now in Star World and of course I won’t let this slip this opportunity away. When I learned that the Miss Universe is live in Start World I turned my TV on right away. Miss Philippines is now included in top 15, she is the second one was called, I am crossing my fingers that she could also be included in top 10 and 5, and I hope she would also have  a remarkable answer that everyone will never forget. Her gown was okay although yes I am convinced that it was like a festive cake but come on she carried it with all grace and very lovely. Go Philippines, win the crown!

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Pre-Loved Clothes To Sell

My niece decided to sell some of her clothes. These clothes are not over used though. She loves to shop and I suggested since the clothes does not fit anymore to her closet. These are some clothes that she sells if anyone who is interested just contact me.

 photo IMG_0411_zpsc3b9a7a9.jpg

I’ll be posting pictures the clothes individually next post. This is it for now, I hope you are interested.

P.S. I can assure you that they don’t cost too much.

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Want To Know Mj?

Oh no, not my Mj but Mj Lastimosa who is in Doral, Miami to compete for Ms. Universe. Here are some insights of her life I got from Yahoo.

She grew up away from her family. She lives in Manila for a while when she was a kid, then they transferred to South Cotabato. And she studied college in Davao City. Her Dad is an arabian, and her mother is a Filipina. All of her siblings are in Saudi.

She played xylophone on the third grade.

She’s a vegetarian, no wonder her body is amazingly curvy. She craves salad especially greek salad.

She loves music and oftentimes buy CD’s, she does not download music but really buy the artist’s album.

She’s the classic type. She is always simple, she does not want her clothes to be the center of her outfit but her simplicity.

Those were only 5 things, there are 5 more to follow but if you can’t wait anymore just visit the yahoo page.

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