Consider Investing In A Nice Yacht

Ambitions for the open sea? Want to get out on the open water for a nice cruise? Consider investing in a nice yacht, and your time off could easily be spent enjoying a wonderful pasttime that can provide terrific memories each and every time you go out on your craft.

Those who consider investing in a luxury yacht would best be served by looking on the internet and finding a yacht dealer that is reputable, proven,and professional in their sales and service. One company, Yacht Registry, provides all these services and more.

Yachts of a wide variety of sizes and varieties are available on websites that specialize in yacht sales. Depending on the customer’s preference, yachts can be viewed and critiqued in mere minutes.

Boats are available new or used, and come in the most popular models. These include: Sabre, Back Cove, Regal, Hertitage East, Larson, Sabreline, Carver, Grady White, and Formula Boatworks LLC. Locations of sellers are across the nation, with sellers primarily in the south in the U.S.

Yachts and sport boats come in a wide variety of sizes, and options vary based on the vessel. Whether it be a slow, casual cruise, or a quick trip around the lake or river, boats are readily available on websites that feature this watercraft.

Trusted, reputable websites will be easily accessible. They will feature new boats; in addition, they will offer a worldwide search for yachts; boat videos to better see the craft; and news and events to keep up on things all yacht related.

Customers looking to invest a good deal of money should certainly look for a company that has been a leader in the industry for a considerable amount of time. There are a great number of yacht brokers out in the market today. Sabre Yachts and Back Cove Yachts are incredible brands, highly regarded in the boating industry. The website customers should look for will feature these brands, as well as others, to give them the best available options, in brand as in pricing.

Spring is just around the corner. Look for a new yacht now, and you can be cruising along the beautiful waterways in no time at all.

The Kick Off Party

I planned to hire a professional makeup artist or buy at least a Japanese costume during our kick off party but I choose not to, my friend even let me borrowed a costume but I don’t have the motivation to wear it. So I just wore a pair of jean, an inner sleeveless top and a blazer. I even arrived so late, they already ate when I got there, good thing that my friend reserved me some foods to eat. When we went out, we agreed to take a picture outside the venue.

 photo 16736583_10211532486243887_144307887_n_zpsult9mi4a.jpg

Right after the kick off party, my friend and I went to a coffee shop to chill, we had been disappointed because we did not win the grand raffle draw.

 photo 16706846_10211532486923904_678258321_n_zpsmjn1mnmz.jpg

Yes we did not take effort wear a Japanese costume but I am so amazed with my workmates who took the effort to put makeup’s and costumes, they were the one who were the representative for our account for the fashion show.

 photo 16298702_10154991201696468_615467091844676658_n_zpsbx0iih1d.jpg

Mini Interview

Our company distributed this free magazine during our lunch time; I grabbed it right away since I know I can benefit from it. And yesterday while I was thinking what topic I should write, I scanned the magazine and I was having fun reading the mini interview of this particular girl who is working in BPO for quiet sometimes already. The question is very cool that made me think, what if I will be the one to answer that question. Moreover, here are my answers.

 I wish my office would have…

2 hours lunch and its paid especially during queue, isn’t that amazing? LOL

If I had the whole day to myself, I would …

roam around the mall with kids and eat out and have fund

I survive my crazy shift hours because I’m…

looking forward to go home right after shift and blog 

The awesome perks of the job are

the salary is good enough for me to support my family

My go-to-party outfit for the holidays

As usual my two pair of jeans and an ordinary top 

Fave (but slightly embarrassing Christmas song)

Jingle Jingle bell, I don’t know why, its old but I kept on singing the same song all over during the holiday season.

My dream holiday getaway

it was going to US before but now I am thinking Japan

The best Christmas gift I’ve ever received

time with my kids since my voice faded during the queue and I have an excuse to be absent 

How I spend my Christmas every year

For two years now, I spent it with my kids since I always got sick, I don’t know why 


The Life Of Being A Working Mom

I am so busy nowadays not to mention that I have to finish my task online. It is late already and yet I did not sleep yet. My daughter wanted to use the computer but she doesn’t have any option but to wait. I am so doomed because this blog template got messed up. On the other hand, I almost finish here so my daughter can now search for a new guitar online. She has been eyeing this particular guitar in, good thing though that it is Saturday and she can sleep late since there will be no school tomorrow. Good for them bad for me because I have work later yet. Geez the life of being a working Mom.