How Window Tinting is a Plus for Your Home

You may think of your windows as something that is just a practical feature in your home, helping you to see what is going on in the world outside. Your windows can also improve the aesthetic value of your living space, giving you an attractive feature that cannot be denied. What you may not realize is that your windows could be hurting you in more ways than one. Every time that you open the blinds or the shades, you open yourself up to the sun’s rays. In the end, your windows could cost you.

Windows: The Unknown Nuisance in Your Home
If you take your windows for granted, you have no idea about all of the problems that they can cause. Your windows let in UV rays that can threaten the health of you and your family members. They also cause your carpeting, furniture, and accents to fade. When you have windows, you’re not only letting the rays in. You’re letting your heat out. At the same time, you’re letting the heat in during the hottest months of the year. Leave your windows the way they are and your utility bills are going to keep going up. Curtains, blinds, and shades aren’t enough to protect yourself. You need to consider home window tinting.

How Window Tinting Works
When you opt for tinting, a contractor can apply a film to your windows that is a protective feature. You won’t be able to see it and you won’t know it is there. However, you will be able to reap the benefits as you cut back on the glare that is caused by the sun. You’ll also spare your interior and your family members from damage caused by dangerous UV rays.

Find a Contractor Near You
Before you make the move to tint your windows, you are going to need to find the ideal contractor for you. Renovation Experts can help you by opening the door to a large network of available contractors. When you fill out your contact information, your location, and the details about your job, participating contractors will reach out to you. You’ll get a quote for your window tinting and have the opportunity to compare offers before you make your final decision. Once you have made your selection, you can move forward with your window tinting project.

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It Finally Feels Like Summer

Our team building is fast approaching and I am slowly shopping what to bring in our team building. This team building is a bit different because we will be traveling not too far though, like we have to board a plane. It is I guess a 6 hour drive. I already bought one pair of short, white this time to be different since I always wear like blue jeans.

Just today when we went to the mall, while we shop for grocery I bought a beach short and a top for me to wear when we go swimming.

Geez I can’t wait for our team building, it is finally feels like summer. I am sure to enjoy this.


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The Sole Is Right

I have mentioned yesterday the pair of flip-flops or shall I say pair of sandal/wedge that I bought yesterday from the mall. I decided to buy another pair because the one that I bought last December, the sole is already getting hard and it is too tiring to walk especially when I have to roam around the mall for hours.

When I went to shoes section, Parisian in particular, I’ve check the sole right away if it is hard when I stood on it. This pair of flip-flop/gladiator type of sandal does not feel so hard after all, the price is not that high as well. How I wish though that they are on sale but the lady staff said the one I picked is a new arrival. Oh well, I guess my 500 bucks is worth it.

 photo IMG_08001_zpsysn2fmrw.jpg

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You Will Find It Amazing

Today after Faith culmination day in McDonalds and after I paid our monthly installment in Pag-ibig for the house in Ph 1, we went to SM Mall right away to check for a new pair of sandal that can match if I will wear pair of short.

Since Faith would like to go to Zoofari we sent her there first. And after, we went to Department store right away. The moment I went to Parisian shoes section, I eyed on pair of sandal. Yeah, I really intended to check the latest styles in Parisian, of course my favorite Nadine Lustre endorsed it. Yeah, it feels fulfilling, I mean I haven’t meet her but following her endorsed products feels like I am so much close to her.

Tomorrow, I will post a picture of it. Parisians will not get behind when it comes to styles and designs. It is always a trend, they are not even with the latest fashion but the price is very much light to the pocket too. Everyone can afford it; why not check it in SM right now? I am sure you will find it amazing.


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