The Backbone In The Family

I always salute those Mom who works really hard while taking good care of their kids at home. It is hard, I’d been in the same situation before that sometimes I felt very exhausted. I wanted to stop working but I can’t since we have this huge bill we need to settle. Oh well good thing that was already over, we paid it before that year ends otherwise there will be interest again to be added the next month.

So to those Mom who was able to make their career progress and did not ever make their family behind, I would say congratulations. It must be a topsy-turvy ride. Kudos more to those single Mom out there, who takes two roles at the same time. See, it is already hard taking everything to work with our husband always there with us but to a single mom, they have to be the one to take good care of everything without any husband to lean on at all. No one would be able to be there for them to weigh everything when the other part is already a burden to carry. You are indeed the backbone of the family, congratulations and may you have more strength to carry on.

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The Buckle Says A Lot

In today’s society, fashion says so much. Many people are intrigued by shoes, sneakers, purses, and much more. One of the newest fashion trends is belt buckles. People are wearing belt buckles that show their personality, their style, and even what they love about life. However, it is important that the belt buckle you get comes from a great manufacturer. There are many belt buckles that do not last longer than a week, and this usually because of bad quality. Sadly, usually, these are the belt buckles with the coolest designs.

Many Places To Shop

Since belt buckles are becoming more popular, there are more stores and online corporations that are selling them. One of the most famous online stores is Gavere Leather, which specializes in personalized belt buckles. This is one of the only places where customers can purchase a belt buckle that comes in three or even four parts. Majority of their belt buckles are themed towards hunting and the woods, but they also have belt buckles with national flags on them and more. Additionally, as it was noted that the company does support personalized belt buckles, so customers can contact the company and ask for a specific design. The individuals working for this company are extremely skilled at their job, and they have already proven they can develop any type of belt buckle imaginable.

Look Around Your Area

In addition to contacting online companies and companies far away, you should search in your local area. Small shops and shopping malls are known for having belt buckles that are custom made. Certain department stores may also have a selection of custom-made belt buckles for sale. Searching through your local area might be one of the cheapest ways to find this product.

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When I Can Finally Say I’m Out!

Resignation Letter, the last thing I want to do but I can’t risk my youngest daughter education, I know she needs me more this time especially  she just transferred to this school. I submitted my resignation letter on the first week of this month, supposedly it would take effect this coming August 12, 2018 but I realized I will be receiving extra on August 24, payroll so I decided to extend my render.

I may be ranting about the company’s procedure and some sloppy work of those people who supposed to do their work effectively, I am still sure that I will miss going there. I might don’t like the way some customers treated us on the phone, I am sure I would miss their voice, their appreciation when I handled the concern right away and effectively and their complains when everything is hand tight. I might going to  miss those times that I don’t have time even to myself already because I was too busy for my kids, for our home and work.

On the other hand, I guess I  just need to move forward. I would still be busy though, sending and fetching my youngest daughter at school, running back and forth to pay bills. Preparing every morning for them, I am not complaining, heck I like this kind of job. It is just that I need a part time job at home to support some of our expenses.

Geez I can’t wait for the day to come, when I can finally say I’m out!

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Improving Your Off-Road Experience

Spending time off-road can be one of the best ways to be adventurous. Whether it’s in your backyard or across the country, it’s important to make sure that your vehicle is capable of handling everything.

Where You’re Driving

There’s a big difference between driving over sand versus mud or rocks. This means you want to make sure that you have the best overland vehicle equipmentin place. You want tires that are capable of providing you with enough traction. Further, you want to have towing equipment in place in case you get stuck.

What You’re Doing

When you’re enjoying an off-road experience, you have to consider all that you may be doing. Having a custom vehicle can help you to accomplish these goals more effectively. You may be able to bring more people with you or simply play harder in your vehicle while staying safe every step of the way.


You can truly improve your off-road experience by having various tech gadgets Incorporated into your vehicle. It will allow you to explore the great outdoors while staying within your vehicle. All sorts of expedition vehicles can be equipped with new gadgets. It will help you to see where you’re going, no matter what kind of environment you are dealing with. You can explore the deserts, the snowy mountains, and the rocky terrain around your favorite lakes and rivers.

Whether you take a tour on your own or with the whole family, you want to make sure that your vehicle is capable of handling every single mile. You don’t want to cut a sightseeing trip short simply because your vehicle wasn’t properly equipped for the experience. Additionally, every experience may require a different setup. Consider the various ways that you can improve your off-right experience by taking a good look at your vehicle. Choosing some customizations may be exactly what you need.

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